Kaliningrad as a Bazaar and Cross-border Trade — the Results of 2012 Research
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University of Warsaw
Publication date: 2015-12-30
Polish Sociological Review 2015;192(4):559-574
The City of Kaliningrad is an example of a “market area,” thanks to which we discover the methods of cross-border trades that developed before and after the implementation of a local border traffic agreement between Poland and Russia. It applies not only to the Central Market in Kaliningrad but also to the whole urban space that serves in everyday life as a large marketplace away from the officially designated market areas. The article deals with the urban space of Kaliningrad and its most important markets: The Central Market, The Flea Market, the market for agricultural and other forms of trade that can be observed in public space. We can put an equals sign between Kaliningrad and bazaar, City of Kaliningrad and its space is a grand bazaar.
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