Globalization, ICT Revolution in India and Socio-cultural Changes: Sociological Explorations
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Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Publication date: 2013-03-21
Polish Sociological Review 2013;181(1):39-62
This paper tries to articulate some of the socio-cultural impacts of the globalization induced ICT [Information and Communication Technology] revolution in India from sociological view points. Having perceived the phenomenon within the framework of social stratification, the paper tries to deal with the, (i) emergence of a new class of capitalists and a new class of elite workforce that has come to be known as ICT/ knowledge workers, (along with its own sub-culture). (ii) Further, the paper tries to sociologically analyze the phenomenon of growing class consciousness among the knowledge workers in terms of being class in itself / class for itself as they displayed conscious resistance to unionize themselves. (iii) The paper also analyzes the phenomenon of embourgeoisement among the knowledge workers in terms of their cultural and social capitals. Thus, based on primary as well as secondary source observations, the paper is a study of India’s Techno-Coolie and Cyber-Coolie, as a new class of elite technical workforce, the basis of its identity formation and its emerging sub-culture.
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