Emotions Behind the Mask— from Fear for One’s Health to National Pride An Analysis of Chinese COVID-19 Educational Materials for Children
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Jagiellonian University
Submission date: 2022-08-24
Acceptance date: 2023-03-15
Publication date: 2023-09-27
Polish Sociological Review 2023;223(3):337-352
In early 2020, the “new coronavirus”, SARS-CoV-2, started one of the most significant health crises in the modern world. China was the initial source of the pandemic and the first country to deal with its broad consequences which, apart from medical concerns, included severe social and economic costs. The farreaching adverse outcomes of the pandemic meant a need for intensive educational campaigns, explaining the epidemiological aspects related to COVID-19. This paper studies Chinese materials educating children on health, and ways to protect against infection and further virus spread. It concentrates on cultural values, emotions, and means of expressions present in the analyzed resources. Among significant findings, notions of Confucian values, the Taoist vision of harmony, patriotic content, and nationalist ressentiment are identified. The study also recognizes unique forms of expression represented by metaphors, symbols, and specific local audiovisual themes.
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