Societal Steering in Theoretical Perspective: ‘Social Becoming’ as an Analytical Solution
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The School of Advanced Social Studies in Nova Gorica
The School of Advanced Social Studies in Nova Gorica
Publication date: 2011-12-14
Polish Sociological Review 2011;176(4):457-468
The authors are tackling the issue of strategic steering ofmodern societies. Strategic processes are social processes, eventuating in a special field between individual and collective actors and the emergent social structures. The analysis must therefore take both micro and macro level into account. Social dimensions of these processes can be explained by the “social becoming” approach to the analysis of social reality. Within this approach strategy is located on the level of agency, between individuality and totality. This is the reason for “path-dependent” nature of strategic processes and of development, implying “choice within constraints” approach. Strategic actors have freedom of strategic choice, but this choice is constrained by the social structures and culture.
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