Silesian and Cashubian Ethnolects as Contrasting Types of Ethnic Identity Strengthening
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Opole University of Technology
Publication date: 2006-12-29
Polish Sociological Review 2006;156(4):425-448
The research reported in the article investigates sociolinguistic factors of ethnic identity change and identity strengthening, as exemplified on the processes of ethnic revival in the regions of Upper Silesia and Cashuby. The article compares selected aspects of synchronic and diachronic situation of the two ethnolects in Poland: Cashubian and Silesian. The analysis singles out some focal points around which ethnic identity tends to concentrate, for example identity bonds, official inscriptions, language of instruction. The identity strengthening strategies in the respective ethnolects are then compared and discussed. The framework is based on sociological and anthropological theories, e.g.rational choice theory, functionalism as well as on the semiotic rich-get-richer principle, the paradigm of visual anthropology and the technique of visual essay.
The article is an extended version of the paper read in 2006 at 37th Poznan Linguistic Meeting. I would like to thank the anonymous reviewers for their insightful remarks, which greatly contributed to the clarity of the final version of the article.
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