Healthy Lifestyle and Pro-Consumer Orientation among Poles
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Institute of Cardiology, Warsaw
Publication date: 2018-09-26
Polish Sociological Review 2018;203(3):359-376
Much like Western societies with developed economies, Polish society has become increasingly consumer-oriented, as is manifested by Poles’ desire for instant pleasure and the search for the meaning and sense of life through the purchase and consumption of goods and services available on the market. Such an approach could be positively or negatively connected with a healthy lifestyle. The aim of our study was to explore the relationship between a healthy lifestyle and the pro-consumer orientation in Poland. The study involved a survey conducted in 2016 on a nationwide sample of 1,000 people. The findings suggest that a pro-consumer orientation is positively correlated with those elements of a healthy lifestyle that are trendy and symbolize membership in certain social groups. On the other hand, this orientation is inversely correlated with behaviors that require constant self-control and do not bring immediate benefits.
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