Books Recommended; Ludwik Krzywicki ZA ATLANTYKIEM Wrażenia z podróży po Ameryce.
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Publication date: 2020-07-24
Polish Sociological Review 2012;180(4)
From the Introduction by Antoni Sułek: Ludwik Krzywicki (1859–1941), one of the founding fathers of sociology in Poland; an ethnologist and economist; in 1893 he made a journey to the United States in order to visit the World’s Columbia Exposition in Chicago and take part in the International Folklore Congress. Moreover, he wanted to exploreAmerica, primarily its agriculture,which was his focus at that time, but also issues of education and labour. After his arrival, Krzywicki took a dive into the American world, exploring life in big cities and lives of immigrants from Poland, everyday life and customs, women’s emancipation and the U.S. political machinery. He described things he learnt and saw in his correspondences with newspapers in Poland, which were published as a separate volume in 1895. Za Atlantykiem (Across the Atlantic) is a report from field observation. As an ethnologist, Krzywicki wrote about peoples he knew only from books. However, when in the United States he became an anthropologist of the emerging ‘modern’ society. Equipped only with a notepad and a pencil in the field, he was an astute observer whose excellent linguistic skills helped him to produce intricate descriptions and analyses. This fascinating book, reissued in 2011 with a preface by Antoni Sułek, shows how Krzywicki made use of his abilities
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