Self-Identification Structure in Opole Silesia and the Kashubia: A Comparative Analysis
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University of Warsaw
Publication date: 2007-03-26
Polish Sociological Review 2007;157(1):87–104
Data from surveys made in 2005/6 in small towns in two ethnically mixed regions—Opole Silesia and Kashubian Pomerania—are compared on issue of the local/ethnic/regional/national/European identification. Two regional profiles are different. In Silesia, there are two oppositions that account for most of identifications: Slesian versus non-Silesian and Polish versus non-Polish with some Silesians considering themselves Poles. In Kashubia almost all Kashubians consider themselves Poles but differ from non-Kashubian Poles. European identity is the least important, while local one is next to it with national and ethnic dominant.