Rethinking Civil Society and the Public Spheres: Pathways of Indian Modernities in Global Conversations
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Madras Institute of Development Studies
Publication date: 2012-07-09
Polish Sociological Review 2012;178(2):227–244
Civil society today is a globally valorized discourse but its fundamental terms come from the European discourses which need to be brought to cross-cultural conversations and dialogues. The essay makes such an effort by rethinking civil society and the conjoint concept of public sphere. It argues that civil society consist of overlapping and interpenetrative circles of society, religion, state, market, social movements / voluntary organizations and self. It explores pathways of Indian modernities and its implication for rethinking civil society and public sphere globally.
This essay builds upon my work on civil society, literature and public sphere over last fifteen years especially the following three essays, “Rethinking Civil Society,” “Civil Society and the Calling of Self-Development” and “Literature, Society and the Calling of a Creative Public Sphere: Towards a New Art of Cross-Fertilization.